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LevPro was founded to modernize a $1.5 trillion finance sector that technology left behind. It's hard to believe, but in this corner of the market, investment banks and money managers were recently sending faxes back and forth for 20+ days to settle each trade. These highly skilled professionals still populate spreadsheets from unstructured emails, manually match names to identifiers, and work off of text documents because the systems built for hedge funds don't apply.

We're building a modern, cloud-based platform, using artificial intelligence (and a little magic) to make these professionals superhuman. They'll be able to use the natural language and slang they are already familiar with, and be proactively alerted to profitable trading opportunities they otherwise would have missed. Every second of delay causes stress while negotiating a $50 million trade, so everything must be robust and realtime-fast.

Our founders both have over a decade of experience as Leveraged Loan traders, as well as having been a finalist in the MIT 100k Competition (50k back then), co-founding a Kleiner Perkins backed startup, and delivering enterprise software for Morgan Stanley. We have already won a number of large early customers and are expanding the product daily.

We're looking for developers who are smart, humble, hardworking, and intellectually curious. Market expertise is not required, but the ideal candidate will be self-motivated by this unique opportunity to push to frontiers of technology in the capital markets. Day to day work will focus on full stack engineering in python/django.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • 2-5 years of web software development experience
  • strong knowledge of computer science algorithms
  • an intuitive sense for high quality product design, and the determination to achieve it
  • some background or strong interest in artificial intelligence
  • excellent written communication skills

This opportunity is unique in that:

  • you will have the financial upside of a very early stage startup company, with lower risk given our proven technology and paying customers
  • you will be given as much responsibility for the product as you can handle
  • you will have the opportunity to work fully remote, wherever makes you happy
  • you will be surrounded with only top-tier developers
  • you will work directly with the CEO
  • you won’t have to deal with big company bureaucracy or legacy code

If this sounds like a great opportunity to you, we'd love to speak in more detail about getting started.